Young businesswoman, model dies during cosmetic surgery

Businesswoman and model Shiryl Saturnino (photo credit: Facebook)
Businesswoman and model Shiryl Saturnino (photo credit: Facebook)

Cosmetic surgery is a wonderful thing especially for women who want to maintain their good looks.

But a sad incident happened to a 29-year-old businesswoman and model who died during a plastic surgery in a clinic in Mandaluyong City last Sunday.

The victim identified as Shiryl Saturnino underwent liposuction, breast and butt surgeries.

Based on initial report the victim arrived at the clinic 5pm where she was assisted by Doctors’ Jose Jovito Mendiola and Samuel Eric Yapjuangco until the surgery was done at 2:40am.

After the surgery, the doctors noticed that Saturnino was not breathing and tried to revive through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The patient was rushed to the Makati medical Center but was declared dead at 3:21am.

Authorities are now conducting investigation on the cause of death of Saturnino while doctors vowed to cooperate with the police.



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