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Typhoon Yolanda disaster haunts Tuason


It was July when news of the pork barrel scam started and in August, alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles surrendered to President Aquino III. Finally, in November, it was typhoon Yolanda that made the news.

The strongest typhoon to ever hit the country was so devastating that potential state witness Ruby Tuason was haunted by it and her conscience cannot take it anymore.

Tuason said on Thursday at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the pork barrel scam that the devastation brought by Yolanda in Eastern Visayas made her guiltier of what she did when she pocketed millions of pesos from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

“I saw all these devastation. Mas lalo akong na-guilty. Not that the money would have made such a difference,” she said in the televised hearing.

Tuason admitted that during the transaction with the legislators, she was sure of 5% percent kickbacks or P40 million.

Now, the tables have turned and she is willing to return the money she kept from the people.

However, she said she would have to sell her house first so she can return the money.

“It’s a small price,” Tuason said.

“I wanted to be sure if I were to die due to assassination or of natural causes, at least I can meet my Maker that I have asked forgiveness,” she said.

I did not meet Enrile

Tuason also told the committee that she never met Enrile, but only his chief-of-staff Jessica “Gigi” Reyes.

“I never got to talk to Senator Enrile. I only get to talk with Atty. Reyes,” she said. “Sa dami ho nito siguro naman meron syang inkling.”

It was Reyes who would pick up the kickbacks from PDAF for Enrile.

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