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YG announces, 2NE1 officially disbands


South Korean girl group 2NE1 is officially disbanding, according to its management YG Entertainment.

In a statement issued by the said company, the exclusive contract of 2NE1 has ended in May, 2016.  Minzy was the first to announce that she was no longer interested in signing with YG, so with much discussions, they have decided to disband the group altogether.

CL and Dara did sign with YG anew, but as individual artists.  CL is busy preparing with her international career, while Dara is currently doing Pinoy Boyband Superstar with the Kapamilya network.

Park Bom is the only remaining member who has yet to sign with any label.

“As 2NE1 has been the representing girl group of YG for the last seven years, we cannot express how sad we are, however we have decided that it would be too hard for them to stay as a group.  Rather than waiting on the 2NE1’s uncertain return as a group, YG has decided to focus on the members’ solo careers.”

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