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‘Word War’ between Prez Duterte, Joma Sison intensifies

President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Erik De Castro)
President Rodrigo Duterte
(REUTERS/Erik De Castro)

The ‘Word War’ between President Rodrigo Duterte and Communist party of the Philippines (CPP) Founding Chairman Jose Maria Sision has intensified.

During his speech in Malacanang with the Chinese businessmen Tuesday night, Pres. Duterte hits Sison anew where he threw some advice after the CPP Founder denied suffering from Colon cancer.

As a response, Sison accused the President of being insincere in negotiating with the communist group and not really interested in pushing for the peace talks.

Sison said if only Pres. Duterte could have the best doctor, he might have a clear mind and resume the peace talks.

Sison also questioned the ability of Pres. Duterte to lead the country since he always talk non-sense.

During the second State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President on Monday, it can be recalled that he threw insults and cuss Sison and the communist group, especially the hint of little chance to continue the peace talks.

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