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What’s the real score between Derek and Christine?

Derek and Cristine.

Yes. Definitely. Maybe?

However, according to TV 5 actor Derek Ramsey, the answer is yes.

The hunk actor admitted that he’s seeing Christine Reyes, her partner in the blockbuster hit “My Other Woman”.

But, the Kapamilya actress is still evasive regarding this question, though she mentioned that she already went out with Derek’s family.

Christine said that her connection with Derek was never lost even after filming was over.

In the recent calamity, the two packed and distributed relief goods to flood victims.

Meanwhile, when asked about Christine’s current love life status, her former boyfriend, Rayver Cruz finds nothing wrong if indeed she’s seeing Derek.

Rayver also said that there’s no awkward factor between the two of them now that they’re working on a soap opera, because as the Kapamilya actor quipped, there was no third party in their break-up.

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