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VP Robredo’s bro-in-law allegedly behind the illegal drugs operations in Naga City

Former Naga City councilor Luis Ortega (Photo by DZRH Val Gonzales)

After President Rodrigo Duterte referred to Naga City as a “hotbed of shabu”, a former councilor of the said city has now come out and is accusing Butch Robredo, a brother in law of Vice President Leni Robredo, of allegedly behind the proliferation of illegal drugs in their town.

During a press conference in Quezon City on Tuesday, August 21, 81 year old former councilor Luis Ortega said that he is disappointed that illegal drugs continue to exist in their area.  According to Ortega, 13 out of the 27 villages in Naga are involved in illegal drugs activities.

Ortega also made mention of the alleged disappearance of shabu that was confiscated during a large scale anti-illegal drugs operations by the Philippine National Police in Naga recently.

Ortega insisted that the Vice President and Naga City mayor John Bongat are aware of these illegal activities.

According to Ortega, Bongat protects the illegal drugs operations of Butch since the mayor previously worked as a lawyer in the office of the late Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Sec. Jesse Robredo during his term as mayor of Naga City.

Butch is the brother of the late DILG Secretary.

The ex-city councilor further explained that the residents of Naga know that Bongat allows and ignores the proliferation of shabu in their city.

Ortega said that he can back up his claims with testimonies and documents which he will reveal at the proper time and venue.

The former local official said that illegal drugs operations continue to exist in their town amid the fact that Butch has went into hiding in the United States of America.


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