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VP Robredo still considers running for presidency in 2022

Vice President Leni Robredo (Photo Credits:

Vice President Leni Robredo is still open to the idea of running for the presidency in 2022.

During her interview with Bloomberg TV, Robredo said that she has always believe that presidency is a destiny and it requires extensive preparations like what other politicians did during their stints.

“I’m leaving everything open. We still have three years before the next presidential elections. A lot can still happen, and I’ve always said that the presidency is a destiny. There are so many politicians who have sought the presidency and have prepared for it for many years,” Robredo said.

Robredo added that she was ready to be President the moment she ran for the vice presidency.

“When I ran for the vice presidency, that was one of the prerequisites—that I’m ready to be President. Because the mandate of the Philippine Vice President is to take over if anything happens to the President. So I would not have ran for the vice presidency if I thought that I was not ready for the presidency,” she noted.

The Vice President then cited the struggles and challenges she has been facing such as an electoral protest and the sedition complaint filed by the police. However, Robredo is still confident she will finish her term as Vice President which will end on June 30, 2022

“The President requested for a separate inauguration. The President asked me to be a member of the Cabinet, and I tried very hard to work well with him as Housing Secretary. But you know, I could not help but be critical of policies which I think were not good for the country. And his stance on the drug war was one of them,” she noted.

She also added, “All of a sudden, I was asked not to attend Cabinet meetings anymore and we did not have any recourse but to resign because I felt like the portfolio that I was handling would suffer great deal if I did not have a good working relations with the President. I [also] have a protest case still pending against me. There is a sedition case which has been filed against me. So, threats are there. But while I feel like all the challenges are there,. I have trained myself not to be distracted by all the noise. I know that I will be here as Vice President only until 2022.”

In the end, Robredo addressed that she will focus more on her office’s anti-poverty program “Angat Buhay” until the end of her term.

“We feel this [Angat Buhay program] is very successful. Most of our energies are focused on that. So despite all the noise around us, we’ve been very focused. Despite the challenges, all is good,” she ended.

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