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Vice President Leni advices Prez Digong to watch his words

Photo grabbed from Leni Robredo Facebook Page
Photo grabbed from Leni Robredo Facebook Page (FILE PHOTO)

Vice President Leni Robredo is advising President Rodrigo Duterte to be wary of the words that comes out of his mouth, especially when it is in connection with his foreign counterparts.

This was the Vice President’s reply when asked what advise she will be giving the President if she will be asked personally by President Digong.

During the press briefing at the Office of the Vice President, Robredo said that the President should not be speaking so harshly.

The Vice president added that just like her, who has a lot of personal opinions regarding certain topics, but she would rather keep them to herself.

Vice President Robredo added that we could be friends with China and Russia without severing our existing relationship with other countries, like the US.

Robredo insisted that it would be better if the President will think first before uttering his words in public.

The Vice President is not the first person to speak regarding the President’s recent statement, Senator Richard Gordon in a recent interview said that though the President is his friend, he knows that President Digong is talkative and that he sometimes end up apologizing for his words.

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