Update on the situation of Mayon volcano


PHIVOLCS continues to monitor the situation of the Mayon volcano in Albay.

It is evident that the Sulfur Dioxide emission of the said volcano continues to increase with the highest of 1421 tons per day from its previous 1265 tons per day.

This is considered as the highest level of Sulfur Dioxide that has been emitted by Mayon since it activities had been declared at alert level 3 in September 15.

Mayon continues with its degassing, an indication that it continues to build up strength while magma starts to form in its base.

If the said volcano will explode, there will only two kinds of possible explosions.  The Vulcanian eruption wherein the volcano will spurt more pyroclastic materials instead of lava and the Strombolian eruption where more lava will emit from its mouth than pyroclastic materials.

It will be a Phreatic explosion if rain coincides with the volcano’s explosion.

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