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UN appoints Phl as chairman of Commission on status of women

The UN Commission on the status of women is pushing for women’s rights and equality. Jenny Matthews/ ActionAid

The United Nations has appointed the Philippines as chairman of the UN Commission on status of women.

The country will be represented by Philippine Ambassador and permanent representative to UN Libran Cabactulan.

“The Philippines is honored by this position of leadership which recognizes the country’s long-lasting and continuing commitment to gender equality and the advancement of women. Under the Philippines’ leadership, we will continue to build on the Commission’s accomplishments and help ensure that current efforts contribute to a future of gender equality and empowerment of women,” Cabactulan said.

The UN body on status of women aims to push for gender equality and women’s rights in the world.

Among other members of the bureau for the 58th CSW session include Christine Loew (Switzerland), representing the Western European and other states group; Neli Shiolashvili (Georgia), representing the Eastern European states; Mohamed Elbahi (Sudan), representing the African states, and Carlos Garcia (El Salvador), representing the Latin American and Caribbean states.  (Rommel Fuertes)


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