Turkey continues to ban social media sites

Turkey bans Youtube

Last week they banned Twitter and it took a court order for the ban to be lifted this week, and yet Turkish netizens are facing another dilemma, this time their government decided to block video-sharing site, Youtube.

The said banning of the video-sharing site came days after an alleged discussion between members of the government on their move on Syria was leaked through the said website.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the said barring of the two websites, and hinted that there will be more internet websites to be banned if found to be of national security threat.

During Erdogan’s speech in a rally last week, the Prime Minister is perplexed on how people can defend Facebook, Twitter and Youtube when all they release is trash?

According to the office of the Prime Minister, the said leaked audio has been considered as “villainous”.

The audio clipping placed Turkish officials in a bad light, which doesn’t sit well because of their coming elections.

Meanwhile, Google already confirmed that there are still netizens who can access Youtube by using a different DNS tool.

The said DNS tool allows netizens to view prohibited websites by making use of a different domain name system.

The banning of these popular sites on the internet has caused major uproar not just with the Turkish but also with the international community.

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