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No truth behind Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon’s attempted suicide

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon

Another nasty rumor has caused a ruckus in the Kpop world to the point that the person’s management is considering legal actions against those who continue to spread such issue.

On April 1, it has been reported that Girl’s Generation member Hyoyeon attempted to commit suicide for allegedly being bullied by her co-members.

However, to clear the rumors up, SM Entertainment, Hyoyeon’s management immediately sent out a message stating that it was true that Hyoyeon had a run in with the police, but it was all due to a misunderstanding between her and a friend.

According to the story, Hyo and a male friend were joking around the second floor of a building when the SNSD member accidentally hit the guy in his face.  After that, Hyo acted as if she was trying to flee from the scene, but her male friend thought that she was trying to escape him.

He then called the police and when they reached the station, it has been cleared that Hyoyeon never intended to hit her male friend in the face.

It wouldn’t have been publicized except that SNS started circulating that allegedly a fan’s dad was working at the Police station where Hyoyeon and her friend were brought for questioning.  The story then was altered and it made it appear that Hyo wanted to end her life and when her friend tried to stop her, she got violent on him.

SME released an official press statement on Tuesday stating that they will be taking legal action against anyone who continuously post or spread false rumors against Hyoyeon.  They’re also requesting that any post or message that was posted regarding the said issue should be taken down.

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