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Trillanes warns Pimentel of change in Senate leadership

Sen. Antonio Trillanes
Sen. Antonio Trillanes

There is a big possibility that Senate President Koko Pimentel will be removed from his position.

According to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the leadership of the Senate is unbalanced, since Pimentel has no allies.

Trillanes explained that, since most of the Senators are now part of the minority, the leadership can easily be changed. He believes

that other than the members of the minority, they can still persuade other Senators to change the Senate leadership.

According to Trillanes, 13 Senators must agree to dispose a Senate president from position.

Trillanes also clarified that he is only acting leader of the Minority. The coalition is still choosing from Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, and Sen. Frank Drilon who will be their leader.

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