Tour guide goes missing in Sagada Caves

Photo from cbd.int
Photo from cbd.int

The popular Sagada Caves were closed to the public on Monday after a tour guide went missing over the weekend.

A search and rescue mission was quickly sent underway to find the missing tour guide.

The missing man was later known as Roderick Malecdan who was exploring the cave of Sitio Maduto, Angkeling Village, Sagada, Mountain Province. Along with Malecdan were 7 other tour guides,  exactly by 6:45 in the afternoon water came surging into the tunnel washing all the 7 men with its brute force.

Four of the guides managed to escape the cave unhurt, the other two were rescued by the police and volunteers, but so far Roderick Malecdan remains to be found.

Sagada Mayor James Pooten allowed the temporary closing of the cave to give way to the search and rescue operation for Roderick Malecdan.

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