Workers from Torre De Manila worry over losing their jobs

A controversial "Torre De Manila" that destroys the  view of the monument of philippine National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal in Manila. (Screen grabbed from internet)
The controversial “Torre De Manila”  (Screen grabbed from internet)

Hundreds of construction workers of the infamous “Torre De Manila” condominium building in Taft Evenue, Manila were asked to go home in compliance with the Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Supreme Court halting the construction of the said building.

Four hundred construction workers of the DMCI were welcomed by two large tarpaulins at the gate site stating that work has been stopped due to the said order.

Some of the construction workers said that they’re worried that they might be losing their earnings.

The Supreme Court issued the said order based on the of the Knights of Rizal that the building destructs and destroys the view of Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument in Luneta.

Torre de Manila is a 46-storey building, with construction of its exterior is almost done when the TRO was issued.

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