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Tiangco to Abad: Present DAP records

Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) spokesman and Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco challenged Budget Secretary Butch Abad on Tuesday to release the list of lawmakers who benefitted from the P10-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) during the impeachment of former chief justice Renato Corona.

Tiangco said since Senator Jinggoy Estrada made revelations about the then-secret fund, Abad has not released the list of lawmakers who benefited from the DAP.

He had personally asked Abad during budget deliberations in Congress last Aug. 6 to release the list.

“I asked him if we could get a copy of the list of lawmakers. He then made an alibi that they are still thoroughly checking. Do we believe that, can we believe that?” Tiangco said.

He said the list would only take Abad one click in the computer.

“But I gave him a leeway. I told him to submit it to us before the plenary session. He said yes. But one month has already passed, it is now Sept. 9, until now he did not submit the list. They were saying that they gave P10 million each to congressmen. Those congressmen who were given were those who signed the impeachment against justice Corona. Let us say it’s P10 million times 200 congressmen, so it is only P2 billion. Let us also say that there are senators and they were given P100 million each. Sen. Jinggoy said it is P50 million. But P100 million times 20 is only P2 billion again,” Tiangco said.

“So it is only P4 billion. The question now is where is the remaining P6 billion? The reason why they do not want to release the list is because they cannot explain it and they wanted to make it secret.”

Tiangco said that the P10 billion that Abad had already confirmed to have been given to lawmakers is only part of the P144 billion in the DAP.

“We do not know yet where the P134 billion go,” he said.

The controversial DAP was revealed by Estrada last year during a privilege speech and last July, the Supreme Court struck down parts of the fund unconstitutional.

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