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‘There is no third party ‘ Derek Ramsay confirms split with Andrea Torres

Derek Ramsay just confirmed his break up with Andrea Torres on Instagram.

Actor Derek Ramsay has finally broken his silence and confirmed that he and actress Andrea Torres are no longer a couple.

Derek confirmed this on his Instagram account as a reply to a comment made by a netizen accusing Andrea to be the reason for the breakup.

“Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman. There is no third party!” he said.

“The breakup has happened so fast. Maybe two people are just not meant to be,” he added.

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Derek also asked his followers to just give them respect.

“We shared our love to all of you sana naman we can keep this to ourselves,” Derek said. “Mahal ko si Ada kaya di ako magsasalita pero if I hear lies about her I will defend her.”

Rumors of their breakup surfaced earlier this week after sharp-eyed fans noticed that Andrea, 30, unfollowed Derek, 43, on Instagram. She has also deleted any traces of Derek in her feed, except for posts about his mom, whom Andrea has been vocal in her admiration and closeness.

Meanwhile, Derek continues to follow Andrea on Instagram but has also deleted any traces of his ex girlfriend.

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