Videos of taxi drivers refusing passengers go viral on social media

Photo from the web
Photo from the web

Taxi drivers are beginning to trend after videos of several taxi drivers refuse commuters from Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City have gone viral in social media.

According to the post owner Zyra Mangsat, it was twelve noon when she and her pregnant companion were trying to commute from Bonifacio Global City to Commonwealth Avenue, but drivers repeatedly turn them down upon hearing their destination.

Zyra was further triggered to post the video online because it wasn’t just one or five taxi drivers that rejected their commute. She also stressed the fact that taxi drivers are not allowed to denounce riders.

Zyra exclaims that many taxi drivers are remain oblivious and selective when it comes to their passengers. Zrya probes for a quick and steady change; especially with the growth of transportations apps such as Uber and Grab that are trending with the millennials.

Many Netizens shared incites on social media demanding immediate reformation of the taxi transportation system. As of July 18, 2017 the video has garnered 49, 129 shares.

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