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Taxi driver becomes famous for copying Prez Duterte

Taxi driver Elcias Bugsad with passenger Rachelle Oyette Dequina (Photo Credits:

A taxi driver in Davao City became an instant online sensation for copying the manner of speaking used by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The video of Elcias Bugsad, posted by passenger Rachelle Oyette Dequina, has gone viral in social media, and has been shared more than 191,000 times.

The video of the taxi driver has also received more than 10 million views, 29 thousand comments, and 209 thousand reacts.

Bugsad, who titled himself as ‘Duterte 2, presidente sa umaga at taxi driver sa gabi.’, has a similar voice to that of the President and even copied some of his frequent lines including ‘I hate drugs’ and ‘I will kill you’.

In an interview with DZRH, the taxi driver expressed how grateful he is for his sudden fame.

“Maraming salamat sa inyo, sa buong bansa, sa mga nag-like at nag-share ng video ko. Ika nga ni President ‘It is my honor to serve my fellow countrymen.’.” Bugsad said.

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