Talbos ng Kamote has many health benefits

Sweet potato tops or greens (talbos ng kamote)
Sweet potato tops or greens (talbos ng kamote)

By Gerry Cornejo

Health Tip for Today: Talbos ng Kamote has many health benefits

Sweet potato leaves (Ipomoea Batatas) commonly known as “Talbos ng kamote” in Tagalog is one of the healthiest vegetables that is available all year round.
It has no season and doesn’t require much care or fertilizer. Anyone can grow it in their backyard. According to an article that was published in the American Society for Horticulture Science, sweet potato tops is a good source of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and B vitamins that are considered essential to human health.
Sweet potato leaves are cooked as a vegetable in many parts of the world. They are rich in vitamin B6, ߬carotene, iron, calcium, zinc, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin k, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. In comparison to other leafy greens, it possess more dietary fiber and nutrients.

One of the major diseases of adults, is caused by the decrease in the secretion of insulin by the pancreatic Langerhans cells. Diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. Foods with anti-diabetic effect are desired for diet therapy. Several researchers report that sweet potato leaves have anti diabetic compounds that reduce blood glucose content.

Sweet potato leaves are a good supplementary resource of antioxidants and antimutagenic compounds. An investigation was conducted to examine the effects of 82 kinds of vegetable juice and plant components on the division and multiplication of cancer cells, and it was found that sweet potato leaves has a especially high score in checking the growth of cancer cells.

Vitamin K in sweet potato leaves helps maintain the calcium on bones and reduces the chances of osteoporosis, it can eradicate bone loss in osteoporosis patients.

Its Vitamin A content promotes the healthy skin and also counteracts acne. It keeps the wrinkles and lines at bay with the production of more collagen which helps to maintain the skin young. It also provides the healthy hair.

Sweet potato leaves are high in Lutein and zeaxanthin (xanthophylls) which are said to have a number of benefits to the eye especially in the prevention of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and cataracts. Lutein has the ability to filter harmful short-wave blue light and it is as an antioxidant which prevents oxidative damage to eye lens muscles which initiates age related cataracts.

Sweet potato leaves are high in Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a key role in the clotting cascade. This vitamin promotes the clotting of blood which helps to recover the cuts and bruises quickly. It shortens the amount of time it takes to form a clot.

The antibacterial extract from sweet potato leaves revealed that the main components were polysaccharides. The water extracted from the leaves suppressed effectively the growth of other food poisoning bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus and bacillus cereus as well as pathogenic E. coli.

Vitamin K in sweet potato helps to prevent the arteries calcification which is one of the main causes for heart attacks. It carries it away from arteries and does not allow forming into harmful and hard deposits of plaque. Vitamin K is a vital nutrient that reduces inflammation in arteries and veins. An adequate intake of Vitamin K helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.

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Old timers say the term “mga kalapating mababa ang lipad” – describing nightclub hostesses and women of the night – has its roots in Palomar, the famed Tondo red-light district at the term of the century. Palomar is Spanish for “pigeon house”.

Manila is not unique. There are two other Manilas in the world, both are towns in the Utah and Arkansas in the USA.

Doctrina Christiana is the first book published in the Philippines. It was published in 1593 by the Dominican press. Because of the monopoly of printing presses by religious orders prior to the 19th century, early written literature was predominantly religious in content and in purpose.

The first women’s magazine in the Philippines was El Hogar (The Home) which first came out in 1893.

The first Filipino immigrants to the United States (1850) settled in Louisiana.

Emilio Aguinaldo lost to Manuel L. Quezon in the country’s first presidential elections in 1935.

Emilio Aguinaldo became capitan municipal of Kawit, Cavite, when he was only 26 years old, headed a revolution two months later, and assumed the presidency of the republic two months short of his 30th birthday. He died at the age of 95, the oldest for any Philippine president so far.

Jose Rizal’s “doctor” title does not refer to a doctorate as most people tend to think and neither does he have a PhD. For some reason, he was not able to take the exam that would have qualified him for a doctorate. Rizal did have a licentiate in medicine and so was allowed to practice his profession.

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