Supreme Court prevents lowest number of passers in 2013 Bar exams


The Supreme Court revealed that they had to reconsider their grading system for the 2013 Bar examinations to avoid achieving the lowest number of passers.

2013 Bar Exam Committee Chairman Justice Arturo Brion admitted that only 694 takers would’ve passed the Bar exams.

If they followed the 75 percent passing mark, only 13percent of all bar takers would’ve made it to the list of passers.

The Magistrate of the Supreme Court decided to lower it to 73.88 percent and out of 5,293 Bar examinees, 1,174 of them passed.

In the 2012 Bar exams, the Supreme Court was able to register the second lowest number of passers which was 17 percent, the lowest was in 1999 where only 16.59 percent of Bar takers passed the said examinations.

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