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Super Junior ends 2019 with a “meaningful” one-night concert in Manila

super Junior
Super Show 8 Infinite Time in Manila (photo credit: Queena Chua)

South Korean Hallyu kings Super Junior were in town over the weekend for the Manila leg of their Super Show 8: Infinite Time tour.

Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryewook and Kyuhyun still reign supreme in the hearts of their Filipino fans as evident to the Sapphire Blue Ocean created at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City.

Hyping the crowd were the well-loved songs “A Song For U” and “Superman”, indicating the start of the show.  Filipino ELFs were treated with superb visuals and lights as the boys kickstarted their repertoire with “The Crown” followed by “Man in Love” and a definite crowd favorite “Mina (Bonamana).”

Super Junior performed with ease and playfulness, typical of the group as they are not just plain visuals and vocals, but also kings of fan service.

From their never-ending banters during their ‘ment, to unexpected “kilig” moments from the fans’ “YeWook”, “EUNHAE” OTPS, Super Junior seemed to have not aged at all.

(photo credit: Miya Miyabi)

The crowd were treated to non-stop performances of the group’s hits like “Sorry, Sorry”, “Mr. Simple”, “Believe”, Opera” and “No Other” among others.

True to Siwon’s ment that Sunday’s Super Show 8 is meaningful because aside from the fact that Manila is their last performance of the said concert for 2019, but they also showcased songs from their latest album Time Slip like “Somebody New”, “Super Clap” their version of “The Show” and “I Think I” and Leeteuk and Siwon’s “Hairspray.”

Special mention though was Donghae’s special gift to fans, singing “Santa Claus is coming to town” but replacing it with his name and “Philippines.”

As they end the night, Leeteuk revealed that they are currently working on a new album and Super Show 9 is happening next year.  With the overflowing love they’ve been receiving from their Filipino fans, the Super Junior leader asked, that maybe, in the next staging of Super Show in the country, they can perform for two nights.

Super Junior are considered second generation Hallyu stars and yet their popularity continues to expand and their fan base grow.  Yes indeed, fans had an infinite “good time” with Super Show 8 and they can’t wait for next year.

Incidentally, members Heechul and Sungmin

Incidentally, members Heechul and Sungmin weren’t able to participate this time but the fans didn’t forget to make them feel left out by chanting their names at the end of the ment.

Super Show 8 was brought to us by Pulp Live World, SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entertainment Limited.

(photo credit: Queena Chua)
(photo credit: Queena Chua)


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