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Super Junior D&E makes successful comeback with 2nd mini album

Super Junior D&E (photo credit:

The tandem of Super Junior Eunhyuk and Donghae did it again, this time with the release of their second mini album, “Bout You” topping almost every online chart and breaking new records anew.

On August 16, Super Junior’s D&E “Bout You” Korean album was released, with three types of album covers, D, &, and E.  All albums carry eight songs including a solo from the boys.  Most of the

In a recent interview with the Korean press, they probed on why “Bout You” was the title track of their album, Donghae said that because it was what Eunhyuk chose, and when asked his partner, Hyuk’s answer was “because it was written by Donghae.”

Also, both revealed that promotions will be limited for this album as they are also preparing for Super Junior comeback with the inclusion of Ryeowook, and they are also in the middle of their Japanese tour for the D&E Japanese album “Style.”

However, both assured their fans that they prepared something special for their performance to not disappoint those who have waited long for their comeback.

Super Junior’s D&E Bout You already topped 14 countries on I-Tunes, and is also occupying the top spots in the Hanteo and Synara album charts.

Super Junior D&E is the fifth official sub unit of Super Junior and was formed in 2011.  They performed their first digital single Oppa Oppa during Super Junior’s Super Show 4.  A Japanese version was released in 2012.  Since then, Super Junior D&E has been promoting largely in Japan.  But because of the popularity of the two, they are now releasing Korean and Japanese albums, carrying different songs and genres.

Meanwhile, Super Junior were recently in Manila as part of their Super Junior Super Show 7 world tour.

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