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Super Junior celebrates 8th anniversary in style

Super Junior celebrates 8th years in the business (phot by Olsen)

The Korean boy group Super Junior is heading to Mexico and London for the continuation of their Supershow 5 World tour.  However, today’s also the group’s 8th anniversary.

As expected from the new “kings of Hallyu”, the boys wouldn’t leave their fans, without a way of celebrating this occasion.

Since yesterday, the members took to social media their planned event, hinting of a mini fashion show right at the airport.

And true to their word, staff pulled a red carpet at the departure area of Incheon Airport and even put up a banner, a mock up red carpet event.

Fans gathered to witness nine young men in what could be the year’s fashion disaster moment.  Eunhyuk and Siwon dressed as Leon and Matilda tandem from the movie “The Professional”; Donghae as Seo Taiji; Heechul (who will be missing the Mexican trip due to prior schedule) and Shindong cos-play characters from LOL; Sungmin is pretty being Kim Junho from GAG concert (a famous show in South Korea); Kangin is manly being a soldier; Ryeowook was funny being an Ahjumma (aunt in Hanggul) and their maknae, Kyuhyun was slick with a lollipop cigarette as a gangster.

The members of Super Junior are not afraid to poke fun at themselves, and as Eunhyuk tweeted, they do all these because of their love to their fans, the ELFs.

Meanwhile, the boys are making a pitstop at the famous England’s Oxford University as they were invited to a forum. Eunhyuk, Siwon and Kangin are expected to speak at the said event.

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