SUCs’ budget all-time high, no truth to VP’s claim – ChED

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) 

The Commission on Higher Education (ChEd) has recognized the strategic role of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in national development with the approval by the Aquino Administration to increased the SUCs budget from PhP 22.03 billion in 2011 to PhP42.28 billion in 2015, almost doubling the amount in five years.

Contrary to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s claim of only PhP 809 million at his recently concluded “True SONA” in Cavite State University, the SUCs’ budget in 2014 was PhP35.93 billion.  In the same year, the University of the Philippines (UP) System and Mindanao State University (MSU) received PhP9.37 billion and PhP1.97 billion respectively.

While it is true that there was a slight decrease in the UP System budget of PhP156 million in 2014, the UP System received the biggest Capital Outlay (CO) allocation in 2013 of PhP1.45 billion.  Further, UP’s 2015 budget is at its highest so far at PhP13.14 billion with a CO of PhP4.6 billion.

MSU’s budget in 2014 on the other hand, dropped by PhP632.66 million from the previous year because its 2013 CO had reached an unprecedented PhP868.59 million.

There is also no truth to the slashing of the budgets of Cavite State University and Isabela State University.  In truth, the budgets of both institutions increased steadily from 2011 to 2015.  In five years, Cavite State University’s budget grew by 83.48% from PhP192.69 million in 2011 to PhP353.56 in 2015, while Isabela State University’s budget increased by 55.09% from PhP369.29 million in 2011 to PhP572.75 in 2015. (Joel C. Atencio)

SUCs mentioned in
(in thousand pesos)

Isabela State University369,292390,449549,538553,230572,75055.09%
Cavite State University192,693182,111263,618340,763353,55683.48%
UP System5,751,9685,748,7409,529,4979,373,38213,143,000128.49%
Mindanao State University
(Main Campus)
TOTAL ALL SUCs22,035,72222,097,64532,770,70335,934,62542,279,50791.87%
  * excluding RLIP 
    Source: GAA for each FY 

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