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#Still2gether, “ImTee,MeToo” coming to PHL via iWant

Thai actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin

Still on a high from Sarawat and Tine’s love story in #2gether: The series? Well, wait no more as the continuation of their love story is coming to the Philippines soon via iWant.

Dreamscape Entertainment confirmed on Monday that with its partnership with Thailand’s GMMTV, the producer of #2gether: The Series, the special five-episode of Sarawat-Tine’s love story “Still2gether” will be airing simultaneously on iWant when it starts airing this coming August.

Thai BL series had a sudden boom in the Philippines since the start of the lockdown early March. Being stuck at home, we got to meet two of Thailand’s most sought-after actors, Bright Vachirawit, who plays Sarawat and Win Metawin, playing the role of Tine.

Their love story started with Tine asking Sarawat to be his fake boyfriend to shrug off a persistent admirer. Tine had no idea that Sarawat was already in-love with him since he first saw him during a Scrubb concert in their school.  What started out as a made-up courtship, ended up with them being in a real one.

However, things got complicated when Sawarat’s best friend Pam entered the picture.  In an interview with Bright while the series was still airing in Thailand, he explained Sarawat’s point of view, and why he wasn’t able to run after Tine when the latter saw him and Pam in an embrace.

According to Bright, Sarawat knows that he loves Tine, but he cannot just hurt Pam because she is his best friend.

In the end, the two sorted out their issue, and we even got to here Sarawat’s song for Tine during their school event.

BrightWins are now excited on what’s next for the couple? #Still2gether promises to fulfill all their unanswered questions and the cast and even the director said that it will be worth the wait.

Cast of “ImTee,MeeToo”: Krist/Singto, Off/Gun and Tay/New

Aside from #Still2gether, “ImTee,MeToo” will also be shown simultaneously via iWant.  This is a dream project for all BL fans as the “Holy Trinity” of GMMTV are put together in one series.  Fans of #TayNew #OffGun and #SingtoKrist have been waiting a long time for this.

“ImTee,MeToo” is about the story of six housemates who share the same name. The target airing of the said series is in September.


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