Sotto announced surprise random drug-test for Senate employees

Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Monday surprised all Senate employees and staff when he announced a surprise random mandatory drug test.

“I have been informed that as part of the Senate’s commitment to a drug-free environment and workplace, pursuant to our revised policy and guidelines, there will be a random mandatory drug testing to be conducted today (Monday, July 30),” Sotto said.

He also said during the ceremony that he would be the first to take on the mandatory test. He also said that senators may or may not take the drug test as it is only mandatory for rank and file employees of the Senate.

Aside from Sotto, Senator Gregorio Honasan II also participated in the said drug test wherein he, later on, tested negative.

“Pwede kung gusto nila kasi it’s not only part of the RA 9165, which mandates a drug-free workplace, but also there is a CSC (Civil Service Commission) circular about it kaya magandang ipinatutupad natin ito. Magandang example ang senador,” he said.

Sotto addressed that the drug test is his commitment to a drug-free environment and workplace, and pursuant to our revised policy and guidelines. The surprise test was considered to be the first time for the chamber with the used of more stringent 5-panel test to screen for all types of illegal drugs. Sotto also assured the Senate employees that test results would be kept confidential as guaranteed by Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

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