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SongSong couple is real; upcoming nuptials announced


South Korean superstars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo took their fans for a world-wide spin as their representatives announced their upcoming nuptials.

The two stars, who never admitted that they were dating, took to social media via their separate management to announce their wedding, which is set on October 31.

Most popularly known as the SongSong couple, the two first worked together in the monster Korean-novela hit “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016.

Though they have been photographed together in numerous instances, the latest in Bali, the two superstars remained mum on the status of their relationship.

As news of their upcoming wedding went viral in social media, the two issued their separate statement, thanking their fans and explaining why both of them took some time to admit to their relationship.

According to Joong Ki, he had to consider the reaction of his fans, family and the effect it would cause to the movie he was filming.

As for Hye Kyo, the veteran star admitted that she had to be cautious because this wasn’t just a decision she had to make by herself.

No details yet have been revealed regarding their October wedding.

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