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Solons ready for probe on Pork Barrel Scam

Arrest Warrant vs. Napoles.

Senator Gringgo Honasan has no qualms with the Department of Justice’s plan to file charges against those lawmakers allegedly involved in the Pork Barrel Scam.

According to Honasan, they should make sure that they will follow due process to avoid going through trial by publicity.

Veteran Senator, Juan Ponce-Enrile said that it’s fine by him and he has no reason to worry because his records are complete.

However, for Senator Bongbong Marcos, their names being dragged into this controversy has a hint of being politically motivated, and it’s quite clear that Malacanang has something to do with it.

Marcos is questioning the process of investigation being conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation as they weren’t even invited to submit any statement after their names have been involved in the said controversial scam.

Aside from Honasan, Enrile, and Marcos, Senators’ Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla are also being involved in the said controversy.

Meanwhile, Davao City Rep. Isidro Ungab and Cagayan De Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez are willing to face any investigation by the NBI regarding the Pork Barrel scam.

According to Rodriquez, he supports the DOJ and NBI with their investigation and he’s ready to cooperate in case he’ll be asked to present some documents.

Ungab also said that it won’t be a problem for him if the NBI decides to investigate him because all his papers are complete.

Three Million pesos of Rodriguez’ pork barrel funds that have been allocated to bogus NGO companies headed by Janet Lim Napoles, allegedly head of the Pork Barrel scam.

During the budget hearing for the DOJ, De Lima insisted that the complete list will be revealed as soon as the NBI investigation gets done.

Arrest Warrant vs. Napoles

Just right before the clock hits nine in the evening DOJ Sec. De Lima announced that a Warrant of Arrest was issued to Janet Lim Napoles and her brother for Illegal D

etention of whistleblower, Benhur Luy.

The said warrant is not for the Pork Barrel Scam since a case has yet to be filed regarding it.

Prior to this, De Lima wanted the media to delay any news about the issued warrant until authorities have Napoles under their custody.   (with Rita Salonga)

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