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SM Entertainment slapped with another lawsuit; MBLAQ to enlist altogether?


It has been one lawsuit after another for SM Entertainment this 2014, as three of its major talents decided to cut ties with the said management and pursue their individual careers.

The newest case comes from EXO-M member, Luhan.  According to some reports, Luhan would rather not go into a legal battle with SM as long as they release his contract, for reasons that up to now, haven’t been revealed.

Korean news sources say that Luhan gave SME a timeframe to announce his departure from the group and then threatened them with a lawsuit if they fail to do so.  It seems that the two parties weren’t able to compromise and Luhan’s camp ended up filing for a nullification of his exclusive contract with SME.

A few hours after Luhan’s lawsuit went viral in social media, stocks of SME plummeted once again.  SME has been beaten twice already, first with the departure of EXO’s Kris, and just recently, with the sudden ousting of Jessica Jung from Girls’ Generation.

Close friends of Luhan indicates that the reason why their friend wanted out from EXO is his deteriorating health.  Luhan’s been sick recently, and allegedly, he misses his family back in Beijing.

SME is very strict with its artists’ vacations.  In a recent interview with Super Junior, their maknae’ Kyuhyun said that they’re only allowed at least 10 days in a year for vacation.  Though, they can do overnight “healing” trips, just like what they did in Jeju Island a couple of weeks ago.

SME already issued its official statement regarding Luhan’s situation, and it looks like they are willing to fight this one out.

(SME’s official statement)

He [Luhan] had expressed that he wanted to focus on individual activities in China rather than moving as a group with EXO due to health issues, and we were in the middle of discussing his future activities, so this sudden lawsuit is puzzling.”

“However, seeing that, just as in the case with Kris, Luhan filed for a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same way without reason makes us think that after gaining popularity with the group, he is now prioritizing his own personal benefit with disregard for those affected by the termination of his contract. Moreover, it seems that there is a behind-the-scenes influence.”

“Regarding this situation, we plan to take thorough action with international partners and legal experts. And we would like to state that EXO activities will all proceed as planned.”

Luhan then took it to his Weibo account to give his fans a message.  He wrote “I am home,” he may be implying that he’s back in Beijing with his family.


Meanwhile, is it true that MBLAQ will be enlisting as a group after their “Curtain Call” concert in November?

It was the group’s show director who started the rumor regarding the said enlistment.

Director Randy Noh posted a picture in his Instagram account with a caption “It seems like just yesterday when I saw [the boys] trembling since they had their first debut stage five years ago, but now MBLAQ [will be going to] the army, too.   But will they be able to properly prepare for the concert?  I’ll be unable to prepare anything for the concert because I was telling celebrity cosplayer Mr. Bang about this summer’s episode keke.  I hope a lot of people come and support our MBLAQ, whom we won’t be able to see a lot of for the time being.  P.S: the title and head copy are my productions ke #MBLAQ #MBLAQ #MBLAQconcert #20141129-1130 #OlympicHall #MBLAQslastconcertforthetimebeing.”

However, no confirmation has been made from MBLAQ’s management, J.Tune Camp.  MIR, one of MBLAQ’s members didn’t exactly clarified the rumor but stated that they will be announcing something very soon and reminded their fans to always be safe and healthy.

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