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SM Entertainment confirms Sulli dating non-showbiz guy


The former member of South Korean girl group F(x), Sulli is back in the dating scene, this time dating brand director Kim Min Joon.

According to the confirmation issued by Sulli’s management, SM Entertainment, the new couple have been friends before.  They only develop deeper feelings for each other recently.

A representative from SM said that Sulli is being careful with her actions because Kim is non-showbiz and would rather keep their new relationship private.

Meanwhile, Sulli’s former boyfriend, Choiza posted a picture on his social media account, of him and a leg of lamb.  The caption used by the rapper sent netizens abuzz because it looked like he was throwing a jab at Sulli, for the latter’s recent revelation of being in a relationship.

However, Choiza already deleted the said picture.

Sulli and Choiza went public with their relationship in 2014.  The two decided to break up early this year but insisted that they will remain friends.

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