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Singson to quit post if bunkhouses are proven to be overpriced

bunk houses being built in Tacloban are allegedly overpriced.

It seems that resigning one’s post is the trend for Cabinet members nowadays as Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson stated that he will quit from his post if the bunk houses that are currently being built for the victims of typhoon Yolanda are overpriced and substandard.

In a press conference at Malacanang, Singson said that there is no truth to these rumors because he talked to the contractors that the construction of the said bunk houses will be on a voluntary basis.

According to Singson, there is a possibility that these bunk houses are under specifications because they were not able to follow the standards set by the DPWH.

The Department Secretary gave the specifications to the contractors for bunk houses, and if these aren’t met, the government will not pay for the said units.

In fact, the DPWH hasn’t released any money yet on the said project.  Their deal was that payment will occur as soon as the project’s done.

Meanwhile, Singson is convinced that these issues are politically motivated and he’s up to the challenge in proving to his critics that what their accusations are wrong.

“It is not overpriced.  If it is overpriced, the following day I will submit my resignation to President Aquino”, quipped Singson.

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