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Sereno hits Duterte Administration for alleged human rights violations

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno (FILE PHOTO)

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno criticized the alleged human rights violations committed during the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the Duterte Administration.

During a gathering of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in Taguig, Sereno insisted that the country is experiencing perilous times due to the administration’s  ‘war on drugs’ that has resulted to human rights violations.

The head magistrate pointed out that suspected drug users and pushers were regularly killed during the height of the ‘war on drugs’ before the Philippine National Police was removed from the campaign.

Sereno insisted that the civil society, agencies, and human rights institution should keep fighting against these alleged violations.

The Supreme Court chief further added that President Rodrigo Duterte should not be allowed to remove the funds of the Commission on Human Rights, which almost received a Php 1,000 budget for 2018.

Sereno also appealed to netizens to refrain from posting materials that could be taken as allowing human rights violations.

Duterte has always be critical of Sereno, evident in the many times the President mentioned the Chief Justice in his speeches.



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