Separate incidents of emergency landing, cause major delay in 2 airports


A small aircraft was force to make an emergency landing at a grassy part of the Ninoy International Airport this afternoon after its engine suddenly went off. The pilot of the Beechcraft RPC-984 had no choice but to bring the plane down once again.

Based on records, the said plane is owned by the C.M Aero Services.  It came from Palawan and due to the said incident, NAIA authorities had to suspend the landing-take off of planes from runway 13/31.

After two hours of delay, runway operations went back to normal as soon as the plane was removed from the ground.

Meanwhile, a single-engine Cessna plane also had an emergency landing near the water of Calatagan, Batangas.

The said plane encountered some malfunctions too and the pilot made a forced landing.  It was fortunate that the place was deserted and no one got hurt from the said incident.    (with DZRH Sherwin Alfaro)

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