Senator claims: Senate Committee on Justice to issue ‘whitewash’ result on EJK probe

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to the reclamation activities of China at West Philippine Sea. (Screen grab from internet)
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV   (Screen grab from internet)

A member of the Senate stated that the soon to be released report of the Committee on Justice and Human Right’s probe on the alleged Extra-judicial killings has been whitewashed.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that Senate Committee did not listen to the witnesses of the Commission on Human Rights.

According to the Senator, the testimony of Edgar Matobato was also halted.  Matobato is a self-confessed member of the alleged Davao Death Squad.

Aside from this, Trillanes said that Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Justice Committee, was quick to acquit President Rodrigo Duterte on his possible involvement in extra-judicial killings.

As session will resume on Monday, Gordon will submit the Committee report after seven hearings on the allegation of EJK.

Prior to this, Gordon already mentioned that the committee is acquitting the President of any involvement in EJK and that there is no evidence that this is state-sponsor.

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