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Senate will not summon Davao Vice-mayor Paolo Duterte

Davao City vice-mayor Paolo Duterte (screen grabbed from internet)
Davao City vice-mayor Paolo Duterte (screen grabbed from internet)

The Senate will not summon Davao City vice-mayor and Presidential Son Paolo Duterte even if his name is linked to the controversial Davao Group.

Based on reports, the Davao group is notorious for issues of smuggling and is implicated to the entry of the Php 6.4 billion worth of methamphetamine, also known as shabu, from China.

According to Senate Majority leader Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III, the allegations that vice-mayor Duterte is involved in smuggling are purely hearsay.

Senator Sotto explained that there is no evidence against vice-mayor Duterte, and it is possible that the so-called Davao group is only using the name of the presidential son.

During the hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Bureau of Customs Command Center Chief Gerardo Gambala admitted that he has heard of the Davao Group.

However, Chief Gambala further added that he has not heard of vice-mayor Duterte’s alleged involvement on the issue of smuggling in the BOC.

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