Senate wants Malacanang to explain why they prefer Sinovac over other brands of CoVid19 vaccines

The Senate of the Philippines

Sen. Panfilo Lacson is asking Malacanang why they insist on purchasing the “chosen one” Sinovac vaccine, made in China, over the other CoVid19 vaccines.

According to Lacson, it’s quite doubtful why the government is bent on prioritizing Sinovac when the said vaccines is currently facing many issues.

Aside from that, there have been reports that Sinovac only has 50-70 percent of efficacy, but it considered pricier compare to the other vaccines with high efficacy rate.

Sinovac is priced at Php3,629 for two doses.

Lacson added that the Sinovac has yet to file an application at the Food and Drug Administration for its Emergency Use Authorization.  Some countries already suspended their clinical trial on the China-made vaccine.

Lacson said that Malacanang should be transparent to the public on why Sinovac has a headway of five months when it released a statement that the said vaccine will be available from February to June.

This is questionable as the controversial vaccine has yet to apply for an EUA.

In line with this, Lacson said that the government shouldn’t “be choosy” on the vaccine that it will purchase but instead hasten its procurement on all available and qualified vaccines against CoVid19 so that we can already start inoculating Filipinos.

Meanwhile, with the continuous discussion on the CoVid19 vaccine, some senators worry that this will further delay the government’s plan to start conducting face to face classes.

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian said that if Filipinos continue to question the vaccination program of the government, this will affect the supposed trial for face to face classes.

Gatchalian said that if the government’s vaccination program will not stop the spread of the virus, the more than 22 million students in the basic education sector will continue to suffer.

Filipinos 17 years old and below will not be part of the government’s vaccination program because there are no studies to back up yet if the vaccines will work on kids.

Gatchalian reiterated that teachers should be included in the priority list of those who will be vaccinated first.

In the recent hearing on the Committee of the Whole in the Senate, Health Sec. Francisco Duque III said that the department is already gearing for a massive information campaign on the government’s vaccination program in order to alleviate the public’s fear on vaccines.


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