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Senate passes end of ENDO bill

Sen. Joel Villanueva (Photo Credits:

The Senate on its third and final reading passed the proposal to end contractualization in the workforce in the country.

With 15 votes, Senate Bill no. 1826 or the Security of Tenure Bill was passed.

According to Sen. Joel Villanueva, author of the ENDO bill, the passing of the said bill is a good sign in putting an end to illegal contractualization and provide security of tenure for all workers.

If and when the bill becomes a law, employees will be classified into four employment categories: regular, probationary, project or seasonal.

The bill will also allow labor-only contracting if the job contractor will only be supplying, recruiting and placing workers with a contratee. Those that will be assigned under a contratee are bound to perform only the tasks that are listed and approved by the industry and are directly related to the main business of the contractee.

Also, the bill dictates that no matter what your employment status is, you will be receiving law-mandated benefits and payment within the minimum wage.

Meanwhile, contractors need to secure a license from the Department of Labor and Employment in order to assure that they will meet labor law standards.

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