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Sen. Villanueva to seek consultation on proposed 4-day work week

Sen. Joel Villanueva (FILE PHOTO)
Sen. Joel Villanueva (FILE PHOTO)

Senator Joel Villanueva promised that his committee will consult different sectors regarding the proposed 4-day work week.

According to Sen. Villanueva, Senate Bill 1571 only seeks to give alternative working arrangements that can be agreed upon by employers and employees.

Under the said proposal, Sen. Villanueva said that employers have the option to implement various flexible working arrangements, including the Compressed Work Week, Gliding or Flexi-time, and Flexi-holidays schedule.

Sen. Villanueva also added that the bill will also lessen the traffic being experienced by the commuting public.

The 4-day compressed work week aims to make workers more productive, and will give them more time to spend with their families.

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