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Sen. Villanueva tells DOLE: prepare contingency plan

Sen. Joel Villanueva (Photo Credits:

Sen. Joel Villanueva is telling the Department of Labor and Employment to prepare contingency plans for Overseas Filipino Workers affected by the deployment ban in Kuwait.

According to Villanueva, chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, DOLE should arrange for the repatriation, livelihood training, and redeployment of OFWs hoping to work in other countries.

The senator said that thousands of Filipino workers will be affected by the deployment ban to Kuwait, and that it will be a large loss of income for their families.

Villanueva also explained that he supports the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte since the safety of Filipinos should be prioritized.

However, the lawmaker insisted that the government needs to have a contingency plan since the OFWs from Kuwait will be jobless.

On February 12, DOLE released an order regarding the total deployment ban of OFWs to Kuwait in response to the discovery of the body of a Filipina worker inside a freezer.

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