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Sen. Villanueva wants stricter law to ensure safety of employees

Sen. Joel Villanueva (FILE PHOTO)

Sen. Joel Villanueva is asking the Senate to pass a proposal to ensure the safety of employees at their work area.

According to Villanueva, the safety of many workers are being endangered due to employers that refused to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Standard.

The senator insisted that a stricter law is needed so that employers can be charged for not obeying the OSH standards and regulations.

Villanueva made this appeal in order to avoid a repeat of the tragic fire that hit the New City Commercial Center mall in Davao City, which led to the death of 31 SSI call center employees.

Under Senate Bill No. 1317, the Labor Code of the Philippines will be amended so that erring employers will face an administrative penalty of Php 100,000.

Employers will also be fined Php 250,000 up to Php 500,000 if their non-compliance led to the death of a worker.

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