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Sen. Villanueva applauds Prez Duterte’s decision to certify bill against ENDO as urgent

President Rodrigo Duterte (photo credit: SAP Bong Go)

President Rodrigo Duterte requested that the Senate hasten the legislation of Senate Bill No. 1826, also known as Security of Tenure and End of ENDO Act.

The bill seeks to amend the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 442, also known as the Labor Code of the Philippines, that prohibits labor-only contracting.

The President certified SB 1826 as urgent thru a letter sent to Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III on Friday, September 21.

In order to strengthen worker’s security of tenure by prohibiting the prevalent practices of contractualization and labor-only contracting which continue to immerse our workers in a quagmire of poverty and underemployment,” the letter said.

Sen. Joel Villanueva, chairperson of Senate Committee on Labor, Employment, and Human Resources, praised the decision of the President to classify SB 1826 as a priority measure.

In a statement on Tuesday, September 25, Villanueva explained that ‘the practice of contractualization affects more than 1.9 million workers at the private sector’.

According to the senator, SB 1826 would remove the ambiguities in the Labor Code, which is the source of circumvention; prohibit labor-only contracting, and provide penalties for violation; limit job contracting to licensed and specialized services; classify workers into regular and probationary employees–and treat project and seasonal employees as regular employees; provide security of tenure; clarify standards on probationary employment; and provide “Transition Support Program” for employees while they are not at work or transitioning in between jobs.

Villanueva also described the measure as ‘pro-labor, pro-business, and pro-Filipino’, assuring that it will meet the interests of the labor sector and the interests of the business sector.

Giving our workers certainty and social protection makes them more efficient and more productive,” Villanueva said.

We certainly need a law that will not only uphold our workers’ basic labor rights and restore dignity of work, but also a law that will promote quality employment without jeopardizing business operations but rather create more stable jobs for every Filipino,” Villanueva added.

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