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Sen. Villanueva agrees with Malacanang: EO cannot stop contractualization

Sen. Joel Villanueva (Photo Credits:

Sen. Joel Villanueva agrees with the statement of the Malacanang that labor contractualization cannot be stopped through an Executive Order.

According to Villanueva, chairman of the Committee on Labor and Employment, Congress needs to legislate a law that will completely prohibit contractualization.

The senator revealed that they are already preparing a committee report for the anti-contractualization proposal that will be presented to the plenary once Congress resumes session in May.

Villanueva further added that they will need input from the Department of Labor and Employment in order to ensure that the legislated law will be operational.

The lawmaker complained that, while DOLE officials attend the hearings of the Senate Committee on Labor, they do not present a clear position in stopping the practice of contractualization.

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