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Sen. Poe says ABS-CBN is a victim of the ‘pandemic of intolerance’

Senator Grace Poe (Photo Credits:

Sen. Grace Poe sees ABS-CBN as a victim of the ‘ pandemic of intolerance’ after the House Committee on Legislative Franchises decided to deny the franchise application of the broadcast giant.

ABS-CBN is far from a perfect organization, and has admitted to its many failings. But in its balance sheet of accomplishments, the good it had done for our people are valuable,” Poe said in a statement on Friday, July 10.

The correct and constitutional response is to allow it to remedy them, the same chance extended to thousands of franchise applicants. This is because a media organization that occasionally commits mistakes is in the nation’s interest than one that is permanently muzzled,” she added.

Poe said that the decision curtailed not only news but also ‘entertainment shows which represent the finest in the craft, delight the public, and inspire our people to be the best’.

The senator said that the House of Representatives set a high and unforgiving bar in approving franchises.

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  1. Jose Oliveros

    “The senator said that the House of Representatives set a high and unforgiving bar in approving franchises.” That should really be the case because a franchise is a mere privilege granted by the State to qualified individuals and not a right that can be demanded. That is specially true with an entity engaged in mass media because of their pervasive influence of their readers/followers/listeners.
    Regarding the anomalies committed by ABS-CBN and violations of the Constitution, tax laws and specially labor laws,the correct response by the Government is a deeper and more thorough investigation and if evidence warrants, filing of appropriate civil and criminal cases against responsible officials of ABS-CBN.

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