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Sen. Lacson denies smuggling allegations by ex-BOC Chief

Sen. Panfilo Lacson (FILE PHOTO)
Sen. Panfilo Lacson (FILE PHOTO)

Senator Panfilo Lacson strongly denies his involvement in the alleged smuggling of cement by his son Panfilo ‘Pampi’ Lacson Jr.

Thru a text message, Sen. Lacson said that he does not meddle with the business activities of his son. The lawmaker also revealed that Pampi assured him that his shipments are paying the required Value Added Tax.

Meanwhile, Sen. Lacson challenged Faeldon to review the Constitution since cement, according to the existing law, is not subject to Customs’ Tariff and Duties.

Sen. Lacson also said that, if Faeldon already has evidence, he should have filed charges against Pampi for his alleged smuggling activities. The senator insisted that he would not have exposed the corruption in the BoC if his son was involved in the smuggling in the agency.

Sen. Lacson admitted that Pampi owned a brokerage company. The senator further added that he would initiate filing charges against his son if he is involved in questionable business dealings.

During a press conference, Faeldon accused the younger Lacson of smuggling since his corporation, Bonjourno, has undeclared cement shipments.

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