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Sec. Duque clarifies PHL’s “bending or flattening” of CoVid19 curve

Department of Health (DOH) Sec. Francisco Duque III (Photo Credits:

Department of Health (DOH) Sec. Francisco Duque III said on Wednesday, July 15, that the Philippines has ‘successfully flattened’ the epidemic curve for the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) since April.

Duque based his conclusion from the longer COVID-19 case doubling time, and mortality doubling time.

It used to have a very short case doubling time, about 2.5 days, during the initial phase of the pandemic,” the Health secretary said during the Pre-State of the Nation Address Forum

“The other metric to say that we flattened the curve is the, also the, mortality doubling time has also gone longer, and is now in the moderate rate classification,” he added.

However, in a series of Twitter posts later today, Duque clarified that the country bent the epidemic curve in April.

Our case doubling time in April passed the 3 day doubling time mark; NOW, July 15 – it is at 8 days CDT (past the 7-day doubling time mark),” the DOH chief said.

Duque also explained that the Philippines observes an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the expanded testing capacity of the country and community transmission after the government eased the restrictions in the movement of people.

Ang mahalaga ay ma-maintain ang bilang ng mga kaso at manageable levels para hindi natin ma-overwhelm at mapagod ang ating healthcare workers,” Duque said.

“Kaya’t importante na sundin natin ang minimum health protocols- magsuot ng mask, maghugas ng kamay, at mag-physical distancing,” he added.

The Health Department reported on Wednesday that the number of COVID-19 infections in the Philippines climbed up to 58,850 after the agency validated 1,392 new positive cases.

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