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Sebastian’s relative speaks up

High-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian
High-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian

A relative of convicted drug lord Jaybee Sebastian denied earlier reports that the riot inside the New Bilibid Prisons involved the four high-profile inmates doing a shabu session.

According to Michael Anthony Javier, a nephew of Jaybee, there is no truth regarding the alleged “shabu session” which caused the riot inside the NBP.

Michael claimed that Jaybee told him that the latter was just watching tv when an inmate suddenly attacked him and tried to make it looked like he was sniffing shabu.

The relative added that his uncle narrated that someone is ought to kill him and allegedly, that person is a member of the “Genuine Ilocano Gang.”

Jaybee’s relative revealed however that his uncle was able to give money to the former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima.

The family of Sebastian is asking for additional security for Jaybee.

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