Scientist working on ‘memory retrieval’ for Alzheimer’s patients

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Scientists at Columbia University in New York, USA have been working on ways to recover Alzheimer’s patients ‘lost memories’ by studying a set of mice with the same condition as the human Alzheimer’s.

In an experiment, two sets of mice were used, one with healthy brain cells and another with an Alzheimer like condition.

The test subjects were then exposed to a lemony scent and were given an electric shock. A week after, the subjects were exposed to the same lemony scent to see how they would react.

The subjects with healthy brain cells quickly invoked fear while the diseased riddled mice remained unrattled.

Scientists then proceeded to ‘alter’ the diseased riddled mice’s brain cell, which led to the mice recalling the scent of the lemon.

“These results indicate that [the memory] still exists and has not degraded, but is difficult to access for memory retrieval or behavioral expression when Alzheimer’s disease is present” scientist remarked.

Although progress has been made for the quest to retrieve ones lost memory, scientist say that it is still too early to do human testing.


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