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Santiago VS Enrile: Word War of the Year

Miriam vs Enrile

As expected, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago delivered her privilege speech in the Senate in response to the accusations and personal attacks by Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile during his privilege speech last week.

While the Lady Senator from Iloilo was busy screaming his lungs out, the former Senate President who was expecting to defend himself against issues on pork barrel scam was busy too. Very busy playing Bejeweled in his tablet.

The latest word war between the two Senators jumpstarted last week as Senator Enrile stood on the chamber’s floor to unveil the alleged corrupt practices of Santiago. The former Senate President also questioned Senator Santiago’s credibility as a Senator.

It was remembered that Santiago accused Enrile of being part of the multi-billion peso pork barrel scam weeks ago during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the pork barrel scam.

The public is expecting that Enrile, on his delivered privilege speech will defend himself regarding the pork barrel issue.  But instead, large part of his speech only threw hate words against the lady Senator.

Of course Santiago would not give up without a fight. The feisty Senator on the other hand called Enrile in her speech as an “incorrigible liar and criminal” as well as a “psychopathic hypersexualized social serial womanizer.” She also tagged Enrile as the “mastermind of plunder” and the “biggest recipient of pork barrel”.

There’s no doubt that Santiago and Enrile have lost their love for each other evidently with the way they lambast each other in their respective speeches.

Moreover, Senator Santiago has invited college students to watch her privilege speech.  Student leaders from Adamson University, Lyceum of the Philippines, Fatima University, UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Law, Far Eastern University, Centro Escolar University, San Beda Law Student Council, University of Santo Tomas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, La Verdad Christian College, West Visayas State University and Bulacan State University were all present at the gallery.

Given the chance to attend the senate and witness lawmakers delivering speeches is indeed a good opportunity for students, somehow. Chances like these enables the Filipino youth to be aware and be involved on current issues that the country is experiencing because in the future, it is the youth who will clean up the mess that these people created.

However, the two Senators’ privilege speeches were actually out of line. They just bashed each other and threw hate comments against one another.

Instead of airing out each others’ dirty laundry in public, they could just have met somewhere else and talk privately instead.

One of their colleagues said that the Santiago-Enrile word war is just a waste of the Senate’s time.

According to Sen. Sergio Osmeña, this word ward does not help the image of the Senate and the legislation.

But no one could keep Enrile and Santiago quiet.  They’ve already said their pieces, and hopefully the Senate will move on now to other pressing matters.  (contributor: Karlos Kastrillo)



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