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Rookie girl group member accused of blackmailing Lee Byung Hun


A member of a South Korean female rookie group has been accused of blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun.

GLAM member Dahee, known for her stint in the drama “Monster” has been identified as one of Lee’s blackmailers.

According to the police, Dahee, and another female friend met the actor from the G.I Joe movie franchise through a common friend a few months back.  However, she and her friend started sending messages to Lee threatening the actor of a secret video that they will release if he will not give in to their demand of Five Million Korean won.

Lee went to the police and report the said crime.  On September 1, Dahee and her friend were arrested by the police.

Dahee’s management stated that they are aware of Dahee’s involvement in the case but since it’s considered a personal matter, they need to confirm everything to their talent. Dahee has yet to speak to her agency regarding the said issue.

In an update, Dahee already spoke to her manager while at the police station and admitted to her actions.  No actions regarding her career has been finalized since they are now focusing on her case.

In other news, Kim Hyun Joong surrendered himself to the police today for questioning regarding his assault charges.

Kim was summoned by the police last week, but due to his previous scheduled performance in China, his management sought for the date to be moved to September.

Kim is being charged by his girlfriend for allegedly assaulting her numerous times during the course of their relationship.  According to the victim’s testimony, there were times when the battery was severe that she had to go to the hospital to recuperate.

However, Kim’s camp claims that there was indeed an altercation between the two but it only happened once and that it was due to a heated argument.

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